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Diversity Booster FAQ's

What is the Diversity Booster? In the same way that school athletic teams and bands have boosters, we are a booster for K-12 diversity organizations.  


What are our beliefs? The population of the United States is a rich tapestry of intersecting identities. Its members have varied histories – many are descendants of families who arrived many generations ago, and others are from families who recently migrated from other countries. The unique identity of Americans is further shaped by the intersection of various factors like gender, socioeconomic status, and more. To have a more understanding and connected society, we believe young people need opportunities to learn about (1) their own identity, and (2) the culture and history of others.

There are many varying beliefs about the most effective strategies for increasing a sense of identity and inclusiveness in schools. The Diversity Booster empowers our youth and does not speak on behalf of the student organizations that we support. Please contact the sponsor and student leaders of each organization to learn more about their beliefs and perspectives.

What are K-12 diversity organizations? K-12 diversity organizations are school-sanctioned groups dedicated to celebrating and fostering an understanding of different cultures and communities within the educational setting. These organizations are formally approved by both the school district and the building principal, ensuring that they align with educational goals and community values. Each group operates under the guidance of a sponsor, who is generally a faculty member or an affiliated adult with the skills and interest in facilitating conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Membership in these K-12 diversity organizations is usually diverse in its own right, often comprising student representatives of diverse groups, student allies, and adult allies. Student representatives of diverse groups share culture (e.g., language, food, music, dress, values, and/or beliefs) related to a common identity connection and shared history. Examples of diversity organizations include Black Student Unions, Latinos of Tomorrow, Irish Student Associations, Asian Student Unions, Boys To Men clubs, Women In Leadership groups, Gay-Straight Alliances, culture festival teams, and more. 


Student allies are youth in grades K-12 who support, empower, and stand up for another person or a group of people. Student allies need opportunities to connect and learn about other people and groups of people. Adult allies are staff and community members who support, empower and stand up for all youth. Adult allies work together to provide opportunities for all students to connect and learn about their own identity and the culture and history of others.

The primary objective of these organizations is multi-faceted: to educate, to build community, and to foster an environment where every student feels seen and heard. Through various activities like cultural fairs, educational workshops, and collaborative projects, these groups create platforms for students to delve into the history, challenges, and contributions of different communities. In doing so, they enrich the educational experience for all students and staff, promoting a more empathetic, understanding, and harmonious community. By creating a safe space for dialogue and understanding, K-12 diversity organizations serve as a crucial component in shaping a more inclusive future.

What are ally organizations? Inclusivity extends beyond diversity organizations. Ally organizations are vital partners in our mission at Diversity Booster. These are school-approved academic, arts, or athletic organizations that have committed to being inclusive of students from all backgrounds and contributing 10% of the funds raised to Diversity Booster programs and activities. The Diversity Booster shares these fundraisers with our network.   

Which regulations and policies does the Diversity Booster follow? The Diversity Booster is a nonpartisan and tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We are committed to supporting K-12 student organizations focused on fostering a sense of identity and inclusivity. An essential aspect of our support is ensuring that these student organizations adhere to all school district regulations, similar to those required for other school sports and academic groups. 


We provide continuous support and guidance to ensure that student organizations are not only compliant with regulations but also thrive in their activities and initiatives. This commitment to compliance and fairness reflects our dedication to creating an environment where diversity and inclusivity are not only celebrated but also conducted in a manner that respects and adheres to the necessary requirements.


  • Uniform Standards: To maintain consistency and fairness, Diversity Booster-supported organizations follow the regulations that are most restrictive in cases where we operate across multiple states. This approach ensures the highest level of engagement and minimizes administrative burdens for schools.

  • Ease for Schools: By following this approach, we reduce the complexity for schools that would otherwise have to navigate varying regulations across different states.

  • Communication with Schools: We maintain open communication with school sponsors and leadership to inform them of any changes in regulations that might affect the operation of the student organizations we support.

  • Sponsors and school leadership are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all building, district, and state regulations. Always refer to the latest state and federal guidelines for the most current information.


To ensure compliance for Kansas schools, for example, we follow the KSHSAA guidelines. Visit for more details.​


What does the Diversity Booster do with the donations? At Diversity Booster, we are dedicated to ensuring that every contribution made by our donors has a maximum impact on supporting K-12 student organizations focused on inspiring a sense of identity and inclusiveness. 


100% of each donation is dedicated to supporting student organizations that inspire identity and inclusivity: 90% to the student organization and 10% to Diversity Booster events and activities that bring student organizations together.

Student Organizations: A substantial 90% of each donation directly funds the student organization chosen by the donor. This allocation goes towards various initiatives and activities that these organizations undertake to foster inclusivity and identity among students. The Diversity Booster sends a check directly to the school with the organization name in the memo. Checks are not written to organization sponsors.


Diversity Booster Programs and Activities: The remaining 10% of each donation is allocated to Diversity Booster programs and activities that bring together multiple schools and districts, fostering a broader sense of community and collaborative learning.

Payment Processing Fee: A 2.9% + 0.30 payment processing fee is added to each transaction at checkout to cover payment processing costs from banks and/or credit card companies. It is an essential component in facilitating secure and efficient donation processing.

Are board members or advisors paid positions? Board members and advisors are not paid positions. The Diversity Booster was started and continues to be led by a board and growing group of advisors who volunteer time to this valuable effort. We are community servants who believe in empowering our youth and doing our part in ensuring a more inclusive society.


If you are interested in volunteering to support K-12 diversity organizations, we highly recommend contacting your local schools to support their diversity organizations. If the school does not have a diversity organization, team up with school leadership to start one.


Learn more about our board and advisors.

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