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Supporting student organizations that inspire identity and inclusivity.

Helping Grow A Sense of Identity and Inclusivity,

One Student Organization at a Time


We support K-12 organizations that include student representatives of diverse groups, student allies, and adult allies.


Our goal is to celebrate culture and history, promote academic achievement, inspire community and understanding, and teach leadership skills through interactive experiences inside and outside of schools. 


The population of the United States is a rich tapestry of intersecting identities. Its members have varied histories – many are descendants of families who arrived many generations ago, and others are from families who recently migrated from other countries. The unique identity of Americans is further shaped by the intersection of various factors like gender, socioeconomic status, and more. To have a more understanding and connected society, we believe young people need opportunities to learn about (1) their own identity, and (2) the culture and history of others.

Our Reason Why

Students in grades K-12 who share culture (e.g., language, food, music, dress, values, and beliefs) related to a common identity connection and shared history. Read more.

Student Representatives of

Diverse Groups

We support

Student allies are youth in grades K-12 who support, empower, and stand up for another person or a group of people. Student allies need opportunities to connect and learn about other people and groups of people. Read more.

Student Allies

We support

Adult allies are staff and community members who support, empower and stand up for all youth. Adult allies work together to provide opportunities for all students to connect and learn about their own identity and the culture and history of others. Read more.

Adult Allies

We support

Plan. Build. Deliver.


We offer a suite of services designed to empower sponsors and student leaders in organizations focused on making real progress. Each service is carefully tailored to fulfill our overarching mission: to grow a sense of identity and inclusivity, one organization at a time.

What We Provide 

We provide each club with dedicated pages on our platform where they can showcase their projects and causes, making it easier to attract and manage donations. We amplify the reach of fundraising campaigns through broad promotional opportunities across our networks, including social media and newsletters. Our intuitive interface allows organizations to track their financial progress in real-time, offering a hassle-free experience that lets them focus on their core activities rather than the intricacies of fundraising. Donate now

Fundraising Support


We believe that the best education transcends classroom walls, and our Connections to Real World Learning Experiences service embodies this philosophy. Our team curates ready-made agendas and pre-planned activities that immerse students in real-world settings. These experiences, often tailored to the history and culture of diverse communities, offer enriching perspectives that traditional academic settings may lack. Both in-person and virtual formats are available, providing a comprehensive array of opportunities for students to connect, learn, and contribute positively to society.

Connections to Real World Learning Experiences


The look and feel of a club can go a long way in boosting morale and encouraging participation. That's why our Club Swag and Resource Templates service offers a collection of customizable resources to help clubs create their unique identity. From banners and flyers to branded merchandise like t-shirts and caps, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. These resources are designed to be easily adaptable for use at local schools and community organizations, taking the hassle out of planning and executing club activities.

Club Swag and

Resource Templates


Building a community of support is crucial for the success of any student organization. Our Sponsor Meetings offer a structured platform for sponsors to interact, exchange ideas, and collaborate. These gatherings serve as a nexus for encouragement and collaborative dialogue, helping sponsors of different student organizations to share best practices, address challenges, and explore synergistic opportunities. The end goal is to build a stronger, more supportive environment that enriches the student experience.

Sponsor Meetings


Transparency and accountability are core values of our organization, and our Nonpartisan Status Reports service is designed to uphold these principles. We provide regular updates on the progress made by districts and communities in creating systemic changes needed for an inclusive world. These reports, free from any political or ideological bias, give an impartial view of how well local educational systems are doing in promoting diversity and inclusion. They serve as both a benchmark for communities and a resource for stakeholders looking to advocate for change.

Nonpartisan Status Reports


The Diversity Booster is excited to announce our first annual Virtual Art Exhibition for the year 2023-2024: "Intersectionally Unique." The exhibition will showcase artwork that shines a light on the intersectional uniqueness of individuals from various ethnic groups in Kansas City, across the United States, and around the world. Read more.

Virtual Art Exhibition: "Intersectionally Unique"


Select featured artists will be invited to our annual in-person exhibit and bruncheon in Kansas City. This event will be an opportunity for young artists to present their work in person, engage in insightful discussions during special sessions, and be a part of an artist panel.

We believe that every individual has a unique story to tell, and we're excited to provide a platform for these narratives to be shared and celebrated. Join us in this enriching journey of exploring and acknowledging our intersectional uniqueness. Read more.

In-Person Exhibition and Bruncheon: "Intersectionally Unique"


Signature Programs

Real World Experiences


Intersectionally Unique:

Art Exhibition & Luncheon


Sponsor Meetups


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